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What is Omnius ?

Omnius is software for Sony Ericsson cell phones. You can use it to remove gsm operator lock (unlock your phone), change firmware (language) or remove phone lock code (usercode). You can also perform one of many other features included in this software.

What phones are supported?

Simple select your phone model in Omnius, click on Unlock button and check what unlock methods are supported for your model (network lock/user code lock).
After you'll click on the Unlock button you may see text that only some OTP CID numbers are supported. Register then for Omnius account and use free "Identify" function, you will see OTP CID number of your phone.
You can also see list of supported operations for every phone model on this website.
Note: 'Gesture lock' is phone code / user code lock, not the network SIM lock.

Xperia phones with manufacturing date 12w14 and higher are not supported with Omnius.

How to unlock an Android (Xperia) phone?

You need a Android Single unlock license or Omnius 1 day (month) license and 0.85 of Omnius credit per phone. Xperia phones with platform MSM7x30 requires a testpoint procedure, but you don't need open your phone for it.

What Android (Xperia) models are currently supported for unlock with Omnius?

Use latest version of Omnius, select your phone model, check if Unlock button is available, if yes click on it and check if SIM network unlock is available.

Testpoint is hidden under battery, how should I proceed?

If the testpoint pin is hidden under battery (Play, Mini):
- Turn off the phone, remove battery. Do not return battery
- Take something conductive, for example paper clip is very good
- Only if you don't know where is testpoint on your phone - start unlock in Omnius and use the picture as reference. When you see the picture, abort unlock
- Plug in the USB cable, while battery is removed
- Use metal cover on SIM card slot as ground. Connect testpoint pin and ground, press power button, disconnect testpoint (you do not want power on phone)
- Insert battery, and then disconnect USB cable
- Start unlock again in Omnius and plug in the USB cable to phone, unlock will start

How works "Android Single Unlock license"?

Omnius Android Single Unlock license can unlock 1 SE Android phone.
You do not need anything else, just this license, but you can unlock only one phone with it. This license has no time limit, you can buy it now and use it weeks/months later to unlock 1 SE Android phone.

Unlock of my phone failed, what I should do now?

Simple try it again few more times.Open Device manager in Windows and check if you have installed drivers. Drivers are in folder Program Files\Omnius\Drivers. You need install these drivers manually, Windows can't detect them automatically.

Unlock of my Android phone failed, what I should do now?

If your phone don't need testpoint procedure, be sure you have supported Android version, if not - flash it with version 2.1 using Flash function in Omnius, flash files are on official web page. After unlocking you can flash it with latest Android version, unlock is permanent.
If your phone require testpoint procedure, and phone is not detected in second phase, almost always problem is, that you need open Device manager in Windows, and manually install driver for device in "Other devices" group, drivers are in Program Files\Omnius\Drivers

If I'll buy Omnius license now, since when it will start?

Omnius license will start after you will use it first time. It means you can buy 1 day license now and use it few weeks or months later.

Error: Establishing connection to the server... Account inactive

After you registered for a new Omnius account, you will receive an email with activation link. You need click on that link and your account will be activated..
If you didn't received activation email, logon with your username at and click on button "Send activation" to re-send activation email.

What about this site ? is web site dedicated only to sell licenses for Omnius application. Unlike other web sites, our exclusive concern is Omnius and its customers. Therefore you have the best care on market here, fast orders processing and Online support dedicated only to this product. That are reasons why you'll always buying Omnius licenses on our site. Thank You.

What hardware I need to work with Omnius ?

Most Sony Ericsson phones needs standard cable "DCU-60" (included in box with every phone).
Samsung phones needs standard USB cable.

Old Sony Ericsson phones needs "serial cable" also know as UC-10, UC-20, Fighter cable etc. You can buy this cable on eBay (search for "Cruiser Unlocking Cable") or try google. It cost around 10,- EUR.
Some new phones needs UART cable, you can use UC-20 cable or buy UART "cable" on eBay for about 3,- EUR. Usually for UART cable you need solder wires to phone.
To determine what cable you need for your phone start desired operation in Omnius and check "Connection options", if you can't see it, start operation and check if you see USB (what means DCU-60) or UART.

Cruiser cable                           UART cable

I have Omnius account but I forgot password, how can I recover it ?

Go to this site, enter your username and email associated with your account, you will receive instructions on your email how to reset your password.

Where I can download flash files (firmware files) for Omnius?

You can download flash files on this site, use name and password from your Omnius account.

Can I use Omnius account on more computers ?

No. If you'll use Omnius account on different computer as before, your account will be temporary banned and fixed to last time used computer. If you will again use it on different computer, your account will be banned again, but for much longer time and so on.

What operations exactly I can do with Omnius?

Look at list of available features here
To check which operations are covered by what license look here