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New price for Android Unlock 7.90,- EUR

For Xperia phones - remove battery, look on sticker on phone,
if you see date 12W14 (year 2012, week 14) or newer,
your phone is NOT supported with Omnius for SE :(

Unlock of all supported non Xperia SE & all supported Samsung phones is for unlimited
quantity of phones, if you have Omnius time license (day/month/year).
For Omnius day/month license additional credits are required for SE Xperia (Android) phones.

You have 2 choices how to unlock Xperia Android phones:
Xperia Active, Arc, Acro, Mini, Mini Pro, Neo, Play, Pro, Ray (testpoint procedure is needed)
Xperia X10, X10 mini (E10), X10 mini pro (U20), X8 (E15), W8 (E16)

Xperia unlock option #1:
If you do not have Omnius license, buy Android Single Unlock license to unlock 1 phone

Xperia unlock option #2:
If you have day/month Omnius license, you need buy only 0.85/0.4 of credit for 1 phone.
For Omnius 1 Year license Xperia unlock is free.

Buy Omnius license and credits here

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